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For Those Looking for the Ultimate in Physical Training, AMT OMNICS has the Answer!

highkick Aerobics has run its course, and an increasing number of people are understanding that full body workout takes more than stepping up and down for an hour or so. Not only is that boring, but the stresses placed on knees from highly questionable moves has been a pain for thousands of participants and a boon to thousands of orthopedic surgeons.

Gyms and martial arts schools across the country are adding cardio-karate and aerobic-kickboxing classes, and those classes are booming. Participants say they find the classes more interesting than aerobics, and great deal more demanding and beneficial. This should not be surprising, as martial arts have stressed physical training for thousands of years before aerobics came along.

Lackeyflies But for those wanting the ultimate in a class-structured physical training program, OMNICS is definitely the answer. Described as "multi-dimensional, aero-muscular, calesthenic cross-training", OMNICS addressed the body as an overall system comprised of inter-related and complimentary sub-systems. It works the body as a whole, the way the body is meant to work and does it in such a way that they developmental overload placed on each body system enhances and balances the overloads of all of the other systems thereby creating a synergistic impact and benefit on those systems.

triple_push OMNICS works at a higher intensity than aerobics, resulting in metabolic changes that allow the body to use up to nine times more fat than other exercise programs. Also, it works all muscles through a full range of motion, resulting in greater and more balanced muscle development than other programs.

People are amazed at the results they see from OMNICS. American Martial Training (AMT) designed OMNICS specifically as an all-inclusive physical training program for elite athletes and preparatory special operations applications. OMNICS has been used by Marine Pilots & Recon, Army Special Forces and Rangers and Navy Seals as their primary physical training regimen and has been described by each as the most effective program for overall fitness that they have used. There are presently not many OMNICS classes around, due to the difficulty of instructor training.

splitting_benches The basic training is three months long, with a secondary period of nine months for those who make it through basic training. Fewer than 7 of every 100 make it through the training process and receive AMT certification to teach OMNICS. Instructor certification is required for Ceim 20 candidates of the Celtic Martial System Sli Beatha

Some consider the instructor training unnecessarily brutal, but AMT Operations Supervisor and Training Instructor Amy Mitchell says that AMT is only interested in those who are willing push themselves beyond their present limits and give their absolute best. There is no place in AMT for less.

Since 1984, AMT has provided OMNICS programs to the University of Missouri, Southwest Missouri State University, Central Missouri State University, Missouri Western, Creighton University, the University of Missouri School of Medicine, Truman Medical Centers, Children's Mercy Hospital, and a large number of athletic teams, full-contact martial art teams, military units, cheerleading squads, and companies.

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