Martial Fitness

Winning the War on Fat: an Introduction
by Craig Smith

Over the years, I have had hundreds, perhaps thousands of people come up to me and ask, "How can I get rid of this?"

"This" is usually a piece of flesh, trapped between their squeezing fingers, or a quivering thigh or buttock they have just slapped as a visual aid to their question.

They usually explain that they have tried "everything". They have cut their calories, they have cut their carbs, they have "dealt their meals", they have drunk a lot of water, they have drunk little water. They have eaten foods that only start with "A", they have eaten anything they wanted. They aerobicised, aquacised, low-impacted-cised, walker-cised, stepper-cised, and boxer-cised. Their room is stacked high with books and magazines that contain every imaginable diet and weight-loss plan, and their closet is filled with every "izer" ever hawked by an out-of-work celebrity. And nothing brought them the results they wanted.

After I explain everything they really need to know I order to get the results they want, they often say, "You ought to write a book."

I tell them that I have just explained everything they need to understand in order to get the results they want, and it had taken less than five minutes I could think of no way something so simple could be stretched into a book, regardless of how many diet-doctors and self-help gurus had done so.

Still, the requests kept coming, mainly from people who wanted to be able to tell their friends what I had just told them, so I decided to write a small book. And that's really the right size for this subject, because the fact o the matter is that it is just not that complicated.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to continue living an over-fat life if they don't want to. And that is the key not wanting. The principles that have produced such extraordinary results in those I have trained apply to everyone. If they are followed, there is simple no way a person can remain over-fat.

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this section. There are no secrets or magic potions. There are simply truths that, when followed, will bring you the results you want.

I don't wish good luck, because luck has nothing to do with it. Rather, the decisions you make, every day, determine the results you will see. So, best wishes.
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